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What Is a Psychotherapist?

Professional PsychotherapistOn a daily basis, you have stress and problems. When these issues build up, it can cause mental anguish, anxiety, and inability to properly function. Therapy can help individuals with a wide range of problems and issues. A psychotherapist is the term used to describe a professional who is trained to treat a person with emotional problems.

Who They Work With

A psychotherapist can work with individuals, families, groups, and couples to provide their counseling services. They provide talk therapy that will help customers cope with their problems and give them the tools necessary to overcome their challenges.

What Issues They Can Deal With

A therapist can deal with many different issues. Individuals with addictions, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and mental disorders can benefit greatly from counseling services. For couples and families that are going through a rough patch or major changes, therapy can be the key to helping everyone adjust and survive the ordeal.

What the Goal of Therapy Is

The goals of therapy would depend on the reason the clients sought help. If they are trying to quit smoking or need help with an eating disorder, the goal of that counseling would be to have a positive change in behavior. For marriage counseling, the goal would be to help the couple solidify and recommit to the relationship. A goal for individual therapy can be to help the client develop the tools and coping skills needed to deal with stressors.

 For the services of a licensed psychotherapist, you can come to Innervision Christian Counseling Livonia. We provide counseling services for individuals, couples, and families. We have over seventeen years of experience helping our customers in Livonia, MI with their different mental health issues. We are committed to promoting total wellness by providing our therapeutic services at an affordable cost. Call us at (734) 215-7244 when you want a counseling service that will help you heal and change your life for the better.

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