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Support and Guidance from a Marriage Counselor

For your marriage to survive trials and tribulations, it requires commitment, love, and the effort of both partners. In any long-term relationship, rough patches and tough times are normal. No relationship is smooth sailing 100 percent of the time. When the tough times seem never-ending and you are no longer happy, you could try to save your relationship with the help of a marriage counselor. Innervision Christian Counseling Livonia is a company you can turn to for counseling services. We are an experienced company that serves customers in the Livonia, MI area.

Family helped from a Marriage Counselor In a marriage counseling session, it is important to be honest. You are given an opportunity to share your true feelings and vent your frustrations. The marriage counselor is not a referee, and he will not side with one party. They will give directions for the therapy session and listen to both sides. Marriage counseling can help you identify the weaknesses in your relationship. The therapist will help examine the recurring problems and help find a solution that works for the couple.

 There isn’t one standard procedure for a therapy session. Each session is guided by what the couple needs and the problem that will be addressed. The marriage counselor may utilize various techniques. Common techniques used are the following:

 Narrative therapy – You will be asked to describe your problems in a narrative. The therapist will then help you rewrite the negative parts of your story. This will help the client see the problem from a different perspective.

 Analysis of communication – Miscommunication is a source of conflict in many relationships. The therapist will examine the way you and your partner communicate and help you learn new ways to communicate that will prevent misunderstanding.

If you would like to try counseling services from an experienced and licensed professional, call Innervision Christian Counseling Livonia. We provide mental health counseling, family counseling, and marriage counseling to customers living in Livonia, MI. We are open Mondays to Saturdays to provide our therapeutic services. To learn more about our services and our rates, please call (734) 215-7244.

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