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Counseling Techniques Used by a Mental Health Therapist

Mental Health TherapistWhen it comes to therapy, there isn’t one standard process. The client-therapist relationship is built on trust and honesty. The therapist is there to provide nonjudgmental and unbiased support to the client. The mental health therapist will utilize a variety of tools and techniques to learn more about the client and understand more about what is going on inside the client’s head. Below are some of the common techniques a therapist will use during a counseling session:

Active Listening

One of the most important qualities of a mental health therapist is their ability to listen to a client. Good listening skills help a therapist understand what kind of stress the customer is facing. They will focus on what the client is saying and paraphrase to ensure that they are interpreting the information correctly.

Asking Open-ended Questions

The therapist will encourage the client to share and talk about themselves. Asking open-ended questions helps the customer relay their story in a more detailed fashion. They can cover the who, what, when, where, and why of their story and really give the therapist a good picture of what issue or challenge they face.


Therapy sessions have a goal to empower the customer to be more confident and independent. By encouraging the customer to see themselves in a positive light, focus on their strengths, and set realistic goals, the therapist helps the customer change their perspective and attitude.

If you would like to try the services of a mental health therapist, come to Innervision Christian Counseling Livonia. We are an experienced counseling center that is dedicated to helping clients live their best lives. We work with customers who live in the Livonia, MI area, and we provide individual and couples therapy to help them cope with issues that bring them stress and anxiety. We are open to accept appointments Monday to Saturday. Call us at (734) 215-7244 to book an appointment with one of our licensed therapists.

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